Community Empowerment

Investing in People

Community empowerment is of utmost importance to Babanango Game Reserve. Babanango Game Reserve has partnered with its surrounding communities to create and sustain economic opportunities and ensure social development. We focus on true sustainability and more than just conserving the environment, Babanango is a ground-breaking conservation project that will benefit local communities and protect precious wildlife for future generations to enjoy

The Reserve currently comprises several private game farms and community land owned by the Emcakwini Community Trust. Additional community owned land in the area has been earmarked for incorporation into the Reserve, thereby bringing on board other Community Trusts and their respective beneficiary members. These communities will benefit from the project through various initiatives undertaken by the dedicated African Habitat Conservancy Foundation.

The AHC Foundation is a non-profit organisation through which African Habitat Conservancy’s corporate social responsibility programmes can be implemented. These include the AHC Bursary Programme and support of community-based projects, such as the sponsorship of schools and clinics in the region.

Community Employment

babanango game reserve community employee
babanango game reserve staff
community members employed by babanango

Zululand is a rural district impacted by unemployment and poverty. Babanango Game Reserve aims to help alleviate this through community empowerment and development. 

The Reserve has not only injected investment into the area but has also created jobs for community members who are appropriately skilled and qualified. We also provide training opportunities for those without any formal skill set or qualification.

Job creation

men offloading fence poles
tourists in a curio shop
staff being briefed by foreman

The protected conservation area incorporating the Babanango Game Reserve will further the job creation and training opportunities available to the community.

By increasing tourism in the Babanango area, further opportunities are being created. Community businesses may offer products and services such as fresh produce, charcoal, transport, crafts and catering.

Township and traditional Zulu community village and cultural lifestyle tours, as well as tours of historical sites and battlefields, also provide important economic opportunities for community members.

Babanango Attractions