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School camps are great tools for education and consequently self-discovery, development and growth. At Babanango Outdoor Education, we know that every student who visits us is bursting with potential. We work hard together with our visiting educators to create a watershed moment in these young lives.

We can accommodate up to 120 students at our Main Camp in permanent canvas tents. A good night’s rest is important so the tents come equipped with comfortable camping mattresses. Teachers are either accommodated in our Country Lodge or in en-suite safari-style luxury tents. The Country Lodge sleeps up to 21 people whilst the tents take up to nine. There is electric lighting and hot water throughout the camp. 24 hour security is provided for peace of mind. We also fully cater for all meals.

Our offering is diverse. We boast excellent battlefield and educational tours. Students can visit the historical sites of South Africa’s famous battles, whilst getting to see what life was like during the reign of King Shaka. They can learn about nature and wildlife in Zululand or take part in self-development activities. Our activities cater to just about any school group.

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Babanango Outdoor Education has permanent tents with comfortable mattresses for up to 120 students.

For teachers there is the Country Lodge or luxury tents with en-suite bathrooms. We can accommodate up to 30 teachers.

Both our student and teacher accommodation offers breathtaking views down the valley.


We offer a wide range of challenging and educational adventure-led activities. We take our students out of their comfort zones whilst inspiring them to go beyond what they know.

  • Obstacle courses
  • Treasure hunts
  • Campfire cooking
  • Exploring old copper mining caves
  • Hiking
  • Historical and cultural tours

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