Take a break from the city and screens, and dive into the natural playground of Matatane Camp, where your kids can get active and let their imaginations run wild! 

Matatane Camp is a great weekend getaway where families can shut out the outside world and immerse themselves in magical outdoor experiences. Hiking, game viewing, mountain biking, birding, abseiling and zip-lining – there’s something for everyone! Here’s how nature benefits children, and why Matatane Camp is the perfect affordable bush break for families.

1 Being outdoors is good for your child’s development

Children need a variety of online and offline experiences for optimal development. Nature provides the perfect setting for the chance to let their minds wander and become absorbed in unstructured, outdoor play. Nature activates more senses than any screen could – you can see, hear, smell, and touch (and if you like, taste!) outdoor environments.

2 Quality time is precious

Enjoying nature on a grassroots level, without screens to distract you, creates the perfect environment for families to bond. Putting your phone down is important too – in a 2015 survey by AVG Technologies, one-third of children reported feeling unimportant when their parents looked at their smartphones during meals or when playing together. But at Matatane Camp your family will have uninterrupted quality time! You’ll gather around a crackling fire to braai to swap tales of the day’s adventures and toast marshmallows.

3 Nature helps your child to focus

The fun activities at Matatane Camp will get the blood pumping! Exercise is good for kids’ bodies, and seems to make them more focused, which is especially beneficial for those with ADHD. And, spending time outdoors helps save the planet! When children and adults connect with nature, they’re more likely to become environmentally conscious citizens. 

Top tip: Remember to pack kiddies’ binoculars and disposable cameras to use while exploring the beautiful walking trails in Matatane Camp. They’re an excellent way for them to share in the excitement of animal or bird sightings!

Ready to plan a family friendly malaria-free outdoor adventure?

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